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How can I get the 2022 Jamb Expo answers?

How to Get JAMB Expo Answers 2022

Many candidates are familiar with this system of examination but for the sake of those that doesn’t know it take note of the following tips JAMB CBT exam is a modern testing procedure where each examinee ( jambite) answers their questions directly on a computer. Because of its easy, accurate, quick assessment jamb management decided to adapt the system. As shown in the pictures above different candidates sit in the same hall, with different sits and different computers loaded with different questions in different types and timing

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As you start your exam computer starts to record your time and when the time exceeds the same computer logs out the screen of the exam For instance depending on the hall seven candidates may be in the same column ,the rst candidate type may be B and the second candidate may be type D in that manner. First candidates number 1 may be third candidates number 30 and you cannot view all the questions at once. It may load 10 questions at once after answering that 10 questions Then you press next there comes next questions at the end if there is time you can edit and answer the ones you have not answered or correct the ones you think is wrong. FEATURES OF JAMB CBT EXAMINATION One-Student-One-Computer: This testing system is based on one person per computer system at a particular time. As always expected of a good student, you are advised to enter the examination hall only with the approved examination materials. The candidate will sit close to the computer system, maybe a laptop computer or a desktop computer. The candidate will face the computer screen awaiting the INVIGILATORS command “START”.

Some Exams like the ones mostly administered by PEARSON are strictly on computer based while some others may be dual, i.e both computer and paper. In the latter, the students or examinee is given examination question paper and they will be required to answer their questions on the computer unlike the former, the students or the examinee are not given any question paper. Here the questions are on the computer screen while the examinee chooses their seemingly correct answers by right clicking The radio button. Computer Based T est Desktop, How does it look like? All computer desktops contain icons for simple computer user interaction with the computer system. It uses the WYSIWYG theory.

What are the notable desktop icons for Computer Based T est (CBT)?

(a) The START Button:The time that every exam commences is the “START” period and the time that the exam ends is the “STOP” button. Examinees should be very watchful of this button as it the paramount of all.

(b) Time and Progress: Immediately when you click start, the clock timer begins to count, which indicates the progress of the exams. This also indicates the time that is remaining for the exams. At any point of the exams, at least you should be able to see how much time remaining for you.

(c) Question Counter:Just like the time counter, there is also questions timer. This indicates how many questions you have answered and how many are remaining. So you will not likely be in a loop while writing computer based test. For instance you are writing a 50 question exams and you are on the eleventh question, the question timer will indicate something like “question 11 of 50. Meaning that you still have 39 questions unanswered. Simple maths isn’t it?

(d) T est Navigations: This feature of a computer based test is as important as the test itself and they are always available on the test screen throughout the test session. Notable of the navigations are: (1) “NEXT” which goes to the next question when clicked, clicking next moves you the next screen (2) “PREVIOUS” this gives the examinee the opportunity to go back to earlier answered question, she they changed their mind towards the ostensibly correct answer. Clicking PREVIOUS moves you back one screen, (3) “SUBMIT” this is the most important of all the buttons, because there is nothing as bad as writing a test without submitting it. You will not have your score if you did not submit your test. Clicking submit button submits the test or exams and sometimes closes the exam window. This at times marks the STOP of the exams.

(e) The Scroll Bar:Some test may not t on the screen. For these questions, a scroll bar will appear.

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